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With our ever changing world it is getting harder and harder to find health foods to prepare for your family. It is not just all the information we see and hear about, it is all the translations you need just to read a label. If you plan to go out with your friends and family it is even worse trying to find a health meal. Yes, we all have been told how to eat and what we should avoid. The problem comes when you try to put it into practice. It seems like all the food you like and want to eat are bad for you.

So what do you do about it? The choices you have are limited and time is not on your side. Every time you eat it has an impact on your body. On top of all the stress of eating right your children are watching and learning from you. You must start with today and make a choice to start taking better care of yourself. It is true good health starts with your diet but it ends with your activity level. No matter how healthy you eat, if you don't get some sort of exercise you will still be in poor health.

That is why Your Help Line will do our very best to bring you the professionals that can and will help you out in all of your health needs.

Beems Nutrition
3715 River Road
Yakima, Washington 98908
Voice: 509-452-2400
Fitness by Gale
2600 West Nob Hill Boulevard
Yakima, Washington 98908
Voice: 509-248-3162
West Valley Fitness
208 South 72nd Avenue
Yakima, Washington 98908
Voice: 509-453-8299


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