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Today there are hundreds of thousands of non-profit groups around the world doing a great deal of things from feeding the children in Africa to saving lost animals right here in America. Your Help Line feels very strong about helping our country and will help those non-profit groups that focus on America. It is very important to help the hungry children in the United States and we shall do our best to help everyone that needs it.

Your Help Line also knows that there are other needs that are not getting met in our great country. We will be setting up special programs that will focus more on them and in the next few years Your Help Line along with our Mother company AVOA Publishing will strive to make a difference in the lives of Americans in need. If you would like to donate to Your Help Line you may simply click on the Donate Now. All of your donations will stay inside of the United States of America. Not one dime of any money that Your Help Line will raise will go to help a foreign country. We are not saying that you should feel bad for helping out other nations. We simply feel we as a nation should look to help our own people first now. We have spent the good part of a 100 years looking past our own people and millions of our own people are going hungry today. Millions of our fellow country men, women, and children are homeless and some of them will pass away this very day. Your Help Line thinks we can do better, don't you?

Your Help Line will do our very best to promote the Non-Profit Organizations that work on helping to make a difference in your neighborhoods. Together we can help to make America a Great Nation Again

Children's Wishes & Dreams
Po Box 8355
Yakima, Washington 98908
Voice: 509-452-8312
Northwest Harvest
403 South 16th Avenue
Yakima, Washington 98902
Voice: 509-453-4107
Union Gospel Mission
1300 North First Street
Yakima, Washington 98901
Voice: 509-248-4510


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